Stroke affects everybody differently. Many stroke survivors continue to improve over a long time, sometimes over a number of years. Recovery from stroke involves making changes in the physical, social and, emotional aspects of your life. You will make changes to prevent additional strokes as well as to facilitate your life-long recovery.


It is normal to feel angry, anxious or depressed after a stroke. You may feel worried about work, money, and relationships, and the tiredness caused by a stroke can make things worse.

Rehabilitation is about getting back to normal life and living as independent a life as possible. It involves taking an active approach to ensure that your life goes on. This can mean learning new skills or relearning old ones. It may involve adapting to new limitations and post-stroke conditions. Or it can mean finding new social, emotional, and practical support to live your best life post-stroke.

With good care and rehabilitation, there is life after stroke.

An important part of the road to recovery is your return to community living after leaving the hospital. Learning to live with new challenges following a stroke is essential. Learn more on the types of challenges, rehabilitation services, and assistance available for stroke survivors.

First Steps to Recovery

•    Safety after Stroke

•    Preventing Another Stroke

•    Finding Clinical Trials

•    Stroke and Technology

•    Rehabilitation Therapy after a Stroke

Post Stroke Conditions

Post-stroke conditions can be fear, apprehension, and uncertainty about the journey after stroke. Learn more about them, treatments and tips for managing post-stroke conditions.

•    Physical

•    Emotional

•    Cognition

Life Style

Following a stroke, lifestyle changes can be anything from a healthy diet, managing your weight, learning to be physically active to budgeting income and expenses. Learn more about the different lifestyle changes that can occur after stroke.

•    Returning to Work After a Stroke

•    Relationships

•    Managing Finances Post-stroke

•    Safety

•    Diet and Nutrition

•    Driving after Stroke – Regaining Your Independence