In-home Physiotherapy sessions are designed to help the patient recover faster whether it is a one-time injury or a chronic illness.


Here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of your session at home

•    Select a spacious and good spot in your house, which is well ventilated, well lit and is free from any clutter, as the physiotherapist might bring some small exercise equipment for your session.

•    Wear comfortable clothing. Ensure you do not wear clothing which impedes your movement as your physiotherapist will need to evaluate your joint stability and movement

•    Speak to our Physiotherapist on what exactly are your areas of pain and what level of function you would like to achieve through your sessions

•    Provide our physiotherapist with information such as how the pain started; what is the nature of pain and for how long you have been facing the problem.

•    Be attentive to the exercises shown by our physiotherapist and ask questions if you are unsure about anything. And also be diligent with your exercises to see desired results.


Your physiotherapy treatment plan will be as unique and individual as you are, and your active participation will be essential for success. Our physiotherapist will develop your treatment plan in close consultation with you and adjust it during the course of therapy in keeping with your goals and personal circumstances. Depending on your needs, our physiotherapist may draw upon a number of practice skills, such as:

•    Corrective techniques to improve heart and lung function and cardiac monitoring

•    Electrical modalities

•    Manual therapy interventions to reduce pain and stiffness

•    Posture and gait retraining and individualized conditioning regimes

•    Techniques to correct muscle imbalances and postural alignment

•    Techniques to improve movement coordination and balance

•    Techniques and modalities that reduce pain

•    Therapeutic exercise to build strength, flexibility, and mobility


Physiotherapy exercises have been proven to be a beneficial way to help treat and prevent injuries and pain related to varied diseases.

Physiotherapists are trained medical professionals who utilize these exercises to strengthen muscles and enhance function. They assess an individual’s problems and then recommend the best set of physiotherapy exercises for rapid relief. These exercises range from single to high-level postures which help repair the body and restore full bodily function.

Just like in the case of medication, you only benefit if you take the medicines as prescribed by a doctor; similarly, you can expect any benefit from physiotherapy if you diligently follow up with the recommended exercises.

Physiotherapy also helps to restore a balanced emotional mental state which is crucial for holistic treatment.


The goals you establish with our physiotherapist are used to measure your progress. Our Physiotherapist will be able to explain what aspect of your condition will be addressed first and how your treatment will progress. Throughout treatment, the physiotherapist will pay close attention to improvements in your symptoms and functionality and remain attentive to your assessment of progress.

Some of the milestones you can use to evaluate your progress include:

•    Ability to return to work, sports and other daily activities

•     The Distance you are able to walk, run, swim, etc

•    How much you can lift or carry e.g. groceries, weights

•    Increased motion and/or strength

•    Improved endurance

•    Length of time you are pain-free and decreased pain intensity

•    Overall improvement in the quality of life


1.  WHAT IS PHYSIOTHERAPY? Physiotherapy is the primary health care specialty that promotes wellness, mobility, and independent function. It is a form of treatment that restores the maximum capacity of an individual after an injury through education, equipment, and exercises. Also known as physical therapy, it helps people deal with, or recover from, back pain and injuries, as well as in the management of long-term, persisting medical conditions, such as asthma. It also helps to maintain the overall health of an individual with patients of all ages and to manage pain and prevent further injury.


Physiotherapists help improve and maintain the health of people of all ages. They provide professional assistance to patients in managing pain and preventing diseases. They aim to restore movement and function in patients who are afflicted with an injury, disability, or illness. They do this through a combination of exercise, manual therapy, education, and patient advice.

3.    WHAT IS HOME PHYSIOTHERAPY? Home physiotherapy provides physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your home without the need to travel.

4.    IS YOUR PHYSIOTHERAPIST LICENSED? Yes. Our physiotherapist is experienced and licensed therapists by Dubai Healthcare Authority.

5.    DO I NEED A REFERRAL FROM A DOCTOR? Yes. You do need a doctor’s referral to see our physiotherapist. Insurance companies also would require a doctor’s referral before they will reimburse the cost.

6.    WILL MY INSURANCE COVER HOME PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENT? Most of the insurances cover physiotherapy services. You need to contact your insurance provider and get information if you can reimburse Physiotherapy treatment cost and what documentation is required.

7.    HOW CAN I REIMBURSE MY PHYSIOTHERAPY BILL COST? First Response does cash billing for Physiotherapy services to the patient and we do not do direct billing with insurances. The responsibility to obtain treatment cost reimbursement is not taken by First Response. Insurance companies require mostly the following documents; Reimbursement form signed and stamped by your treating physician, a copy of your insurance membership card, medical report, and invoice of the physiotherapy treatment. You might need to contact your insurance provider in case additional documents are needed. First Response shall provide all necessary documentation you require to submit for reimbursement of your treatment.

8.    WILL I BE GIVEN EXERCISE ON THE FIRST TREATMENT SESSION? In acute cases where inflammation or severe pain is present, the main goal is to suppress these symptoms first before any exercise program will be given. Based on the response of the patient, the exercise program will be introduced gradually on the treatment plan with slow and careful progression.

9.    DO I NEED ANY SPECIAL EQUIPMENT TO AVAIL HOME CARE PHYSIOTHERAPY? You do not need to have any special equipment to avail of our services. Our Physiotherapy expert will bring along all the necessary equipment for you. We want to give you a hassle-free experience for your physiotherapy from First Response.

10.    WHAT WILL BE THE DURATION OF EACH PHYSIOTHERAPY SESSION? Each physiotherapy session would take a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes.


First Response Physio-On-Call team is comprised of highly trained, qualified and licensed physiotherapists who are fully equipped with portable equipment and provide to you physiotherapy at home required after assessment of your condition. Are you suffering the side-effects of injury, illness or disability and want to alleviate the pain and improve how you feel? We can help you feel better with our mobile physiotherapy at home service.

Using our Physic-On-Call services you can get a Physiotherapist on demand to visit you and assist you to relieve injury and to achieve improved mobility, increased strength and your highest level of functioning independently. Our Physio-On-Call Services are designed so you get personalized and effective physiotherapy at home services delivered to you in the comfort of your own home suited to your schedule, needs, and lifestyle. This removes the inconvenience of traveling to a clinic and not being able to be seen at a time that suits you.

With our affordable and accountable home services, say goodbye to all your worries and hassles of physiotherapy treatment. Our physiotherapists heal patients in the comfort of their homes. They assess, diagnose, and develop a treatment plan which varies depending on the patient’s needs.

All our Physiotherapists are licensed by the Dubai Health Authority and have good clinical experience. With the availability of physiotherapists at home, you no longer need to stress yourself about visiting a clinic or hospital and aggravate the injury. Call us to book