We cater to those who cannot, or find it difficult to attend a physiotherapy treatment due to their condition or social situation, or when it is more appropriate to see them at home.


Physiotherapy is essential to optimize the recovery from injury or disease and also for the management of long-term conditions.

•    Total Knee Replacements

•    Total Hip Replacements

•    Sports Injury Rehab

•    Stroke /CVA Rehabilitation

•    CARDIAC Rehab

•    Neurological Rehabilitation

•    Orthopedic Rehabilitation

•    Spinal Cord Injuries

•    Geriatric and Pediatric Rehabilitation

•    Low Back Pain/Neck Injuries

•    Peripheral Nerve Injuries

•    Post Operative Conditions

•    Musculoskeletal Injuries

What Our Physiotherapist do

Symbiosis Physiotherapy staff in Dubai will do the initial assessment of the patient at their home environment and discuss their goals and requirements in order to develop an effective Treatment plan.

They provide professional assistance to patients in managing pain and preventing diseases. They aim to restore movement and function in patients who are afflicted with an injury, disability, or illness. They do this through a combination of exercise, manual therapy, education, and patient advice.

We focus on fast recovery of the patient by modifying the treatment plan on the basis of the recovery of the patient.

Symbiosis Physiotherapists work closely with nurses and relatives so that treatment may be augmented and care is continuous.


Aims to optimize function, prevent falls, reduce pain and improve mobility in the convenience

and comfort of the patient’s home environment.